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Contract Security
  • Telephone: 020 8752 0160

Manned guarding and patrol

We supply UK businesses of all kinds with a comprehensive manned guarding and security patrol service.

From scheduling routine surveillance of your property to supplying highly trained and well equipped security guard hire, Contract Security Services have all the resources and expertise to secure your business.


Providing peace of mind

The effective protection of your office, shop, restaurant, supermarket or any commercial premises cannot be undervalued. Not only will it safeguard your property from intruders, trespassers, vandals and thieves, manned guarding services will keep your staff, sensitive company information and any other valuables secure.

Call our friendly and knowledgeable team today on 0208 752 0160 to learn more about how our manned guarding hire and mobile patrol services could benefit your specific business.


Security solutions for all environments

Our extensively experienced security guards have been working in a variety of environments for decades, with many of them carrying out manned patrols for Contract Security Services since its foundation in 1990.

In this time, the team has expanded and deepened their skills and knowledge to take on all manner of security projects, from mobile patrols of high street areas to manned guarding of high-security facilities and various public events such as commercial product launches, town centre carnivals, music concerts and festivals.


Manned guarding: the most proven visual deterrent

While the installation of CCTV monitoring, security shutter doors and various other security systems is important in protecting your company, technical malfunctions and security breaches can occur, leaving you vulnerable.

Manned security guard hire and scheduled mobile patrolling of your premises addresses these issues directly, and provides a cost-effective way to deter and keep out any individuals who might otherwise threaten your business.


Fully accredited manned guarding services

Our official endorsement from many of the leading quality management and health and safety schemes in the UK guarantees you safety, professionalism and reliability in our mobile patrols and manned security hire services.

The practices and standards we uphold as company are formally supported by certification from official bodies including the Security Industry Authority (SIA), the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) andthe British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

To learn more about how our static guard hire, mobile patrol and general security services will benefit your business, get in touch with us today

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