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Contract Security
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Change Deliveries

As part of our exceptional cash collection service, we also provide commercial customers across the UK with exceptional change delivery services.

Like all our other security services, our service is competitively priced, highly reliable and above all offers complete cash handling security and safety at all times.

Call Contract Security Services today on 0208 752 0160 to discuss your company’s change delivery and general cash handling requirements with one of our highly experienced financial security experts.


The change delivery process

Upon delivery of your change to the council premises, a signed receipt will be obtained from the delivery point, detailing the seal numbers of all bags delivered. Our professional and reliable operative will ensure that these sealed bags are only handed to your authorised officer and the name and signature will be recorded on the receipt book.

On return to our depot, paperwork will be carefully scrutinised and checked by the depot coordinator to ensure that the delivery was completed accurately and in full.


Our exchange services

We also offer two exchange services should you wish to exchange any change. These are:

1. Electronic Exchange Value

An exchange value by CHAPS or BACS transfer to our Nominated Client Change Supply Account will be carried out before ordering change if necessary. This method is adopted by the vast majority of our local authority clients. A bulk credit is recommended to avoid any shortage of funds being available to meet the orders placed directly by your locations.

All orders, together with the receipt of exchange value, must be at least 48 hours in advance of the required delivery day. The completed Change Order Form must be emailed before 10.30am on the relevant day.

Where required, we will periodically email reconciliation spreadsheets, confirming your remaining/running balance.


2. Notes for Coin Exchange Value

A labelled Contract Security Services Note for Coin Exchange must be collected on the previous collection day in advance of delivery day. This must be at least a full 24 hours in advance of delivery day. Change Order may be placed in the prescribed form at least 48 hours in advance of the required delivery day.

Bulk coinage/notes for change delivery are prepared by experienced cash processors for the required denominations and amounts. On the day of delivery, sealed bags containing the bulk coinage are signed over to our operatives. They will then deliver your change to the authorised personnel at the delivery point and receipts will be obtained for the delivery and exchange value.

Our internal change supply service operates from our own resources or from Bulk Orders placed directly with one of our banking partners.


Exceptional change delivery services for all UK businesses

Our highly experienced security operatives secure businesses of all sizes and industry sectors throughout the UK with our reliable and efficient change deliveries.

For more information about our change delivery services will help your company, please contact us today. Our helpful and friendly cash management team will gladly answer any questions you may have and can provide honest and impartial advice.  After establishing your needs, we will be more than happy to offer you a free, no obligation cash delivery quotation.

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