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Case Studies


1. ACS Workbook Score - October 2015

Congratulations !!!!!

Our company has successfully retained its position in the top 10% league table of the Medium Companies  as an SIA Approved Contractor. The recent NSI audits across the company rated us on all the mandatory parameters in the SIA workbook , and thoroughly assessed us on all fronts.

We scored 141 points in total , as against the previous year score of 128.This is a significant jump over last year and a great recognition of our Quality Standards in everything we do. It would not have been possible without our great team efforts .

As per the auditors ' report , feedback from our customers on our Service Deliverables has been extremely positive . Our employee morale has also been observed to be very good .

This automatically talks of our focus on Customer Services , Quality and Care for our People. 


2. Our Customer Service is world class.

    This is what our customers have rated on our services:

The Kent Buying Consortium KPI figures for the period 21/06/15 – 16/08/15 were:


KPI 1. % of collections from premises, made on specified date or agreed amended date = 100%

KPI 2. % of machines emptied in accordance with schedule or as agreed with CSS = 99.98% 

KPI 3. % of audit tickets or similar parking meter reconciliation tickets received on the agreed working day following collection = 99.9% 


Well done and thank you as always, to CSS.



Maidstone Borough Council



3. "Gold Award for Excellence" for commitment to Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare - August 2015.


We have added another feather in the cap !!!!

Our organisation has been awarded the "Gold Award for Excellence" for commitment to Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare by Peninsula.

This is in recognition of the outstanding commitment to workplace health, safety and welfare and for the efforts to introduce and promote an active H&S culture amongst the employees.

Congratulations to one and all , and a big thank you for all your support and contributions to drive this culture across the board.



We are delighted to showcase the wide variety of UK clients who have trusted us and continue to use our comprehensive cash handling and security services



4. Customer Satisfaction Survey - Results – July 2014 :

We had a recent survey conducted on the overall customer satisfaction index and the services we provide to our customers. Following are the survey findings :
1. 95% of respondents described the level of service received as either extremely professional or very professional. 5% described it as moderately professional.
2. 95% of respondents state that they would be either extremely or quite likely to recommend us to others.
3. 85% of respondents stated that it is either extremely easy or very easy to contact us. 15% stated that it was moderately easy.
4. 80% of respondents stated that depots answer queries or questions either extremely well or very well. 20% voted for moderately well.
5. 65% of respondents are extremely satisfied with our operatives and security officers. 35% said they are moderately satisfied.
6. 68% of respondents state that our operatives present ID and wear full uniform every time.






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Challenger House, 125 Gunnersbury Lane, London, W3 8LH
Company Registration: Registered in England. Registration No. -2461362
VAT Number: 495 1465 20

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